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Samech And The Oath of Office?

Samech is an interesting letter in the Hebrew Alphabet, having significance much farther beyond just a loop of string. The literal meaning means to fasten, or a loop of string. More than likely the connotation is towards holding tent together with strings.

Loop of strings in an agrarian culture would be used in quite a few places to hold burdens, in bits and bridles, saddles ect…

The idea being that the item being bound would stay, and work with the system in question. The ox for example would not be able to just roam freely, but would be “fastened” or “bound” to the task at hand.

The letter Samech is used quite often in words that address binding or fastening. 

How Does the Oath of Office Relate to Samech?

You may be asking the question, how does the letter Samech pertain to the oath of office?

The word Sawmak has the meaning of “bearing up”, “supporting.” 

We often get all misty eyed when we look at marriage and see that a couple is getting married. We say, “Oh how they love each other!” When in reality we fail to see what is really happening at a wedding ceremony. The two people are pledging their assets toward one another, and they are swearing to God that they will die first before they break their covenant toward one another. You are a mere witness to this event.

The marriage covenant is designed to act as a fence. It lets in, it lets out on conditional terms. The purpose of a covenant is to keep us bound down to a standard; else we would wander as it were out of the fence and into the ditch. The fence is upheld by stewards of culture, called witnesses, or citizens.

The Oath of Office is a Samech

The oath of office is designed to bind down a civil magistrate to a standard. In America the Standard, though flawed, is the Constitution. All public officials swear to uphold and keep the Constitution. This swearing is an oath to God, and the people (witnesses) that they will be bound by the Constitution.

You may ask the question “Then how come so many public officials are breaking the Constitution, because they say it is not in effect?”

Why is the Constitution Not Obeyed?

Good question, they can do what they do, because there is no one to resist them. The “downside” to living in a free country is that Freedom must be supported, and defended. Like King Saul in the Bible who was excommunicated, or cut off by Samuel, he would continue to reign in place, unless the people stopped him.

The people in this instance, namely the Elders of Israel, failed in their stewardship before the Lord to remove this King from office. They allowed his chasing of David, his murdering of the priests, his murdering of untold others to continue. It was not until David came to power that some of the wrongs that Saul did were “righted.”

We Are Responsible For The Keeping of a Samech

Bottom line, is that the Elders of Israel had a duty to uphold their constitution, namely the Law of God. In God’s eyes they were shirking their responsibilities as Elders, and would be held accountable for the blood being shed by Saul. Saul as well would be held accountable for his bloodshed.

He swore an oath, a sawmak, “a supporting structure for the economy of Israel” and he went against it. This ”going against it” brings wrath. In a Christian economy “wrath” is the indignance against evil being allowed to exist. 

The Wrath Of God

The question is “Where does the wrath come from?” God has “ministers of wrath,” they are called Civil magistrates. They are given charge of the “Vengeance” or the “Wrath of God” and they pour it out on Evil. The object of the Civil Magistrate is to protect the good and banish the bad.

A Civil Magistrate is given a terrible tool, called wrath. This tool, like a chain saw, is very dangerous. If the tool of “wrath” is left in the hands of those who do not recognize its proper use, they will wield it in ways that cut down the righteous and uphold the wicked. 

So the Oath of Office, is designed to hedge the “Chain Saw of Wrath” and actually punish the user of the chain saw if the user abuses its use.

Trouble is, that it takes people like you and me to stop the “Chain Saw Wielding Maniacs” from destroying civilization. Like Freddy Kruger gone wild, he must be stopped. The Oath of Office gives authority to those around that the Magistrate cannot just do as he wills. He can be lawfully stopped.

The Clincher, When You And I Do Nothing

Here’s the clincher, when we as people do nothing, like the elders of Israel, then we suffer for it. We are held accountable for their rampaging in the land.

So what do we do? We use the Samech, we bind the King. As Psalm 149 says “This honor have all the saints….to bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron…praise ye the Lord.”

Lev 5:1 And if a soul sin, and hear the voice of swearing, and is a witness, whether he hath seen or known of it; if he do not utter it, then he shall bear his iniquity. 

The above passage pertains to swearing, as in an oath that is not kept. If you are witness to this oath, and it is not kept and you say nothing, then the iniquity that comes to pass shall be born on the shoulders of those who said nothing.

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