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Noah, Does it mean Rest?

In the naming of Noah it is said:

Gen 5:29 And he called his name Noah, saying, This same shall comfort us 
concerning our work and toil of our hands, because of the ground which the 
LORD hath cursed.

This comfort, was an anticipation that the Rest promised from the Curse 
would come through Noah. They actually had an expectation that there would 
be catastrophe of some sort to end the wickedness upon the earth and start 
afresh. I donít think that the early fathers of this era thought the world 
would be wiped out, but at least the people would be humbled and then turn 
back to the Lord, bringing Rest to the earth.

Methuselah's name means " When he dies...judgment" Whereas Noah would carry 
the people through judgment into peace or rest.

Rest in the Bible is key to understanding our hope.

The Sabbath for example means rest. It too has a significant impact on our 
thinking when it comes to tomorrow and the hope that lives within us.

The picture of the Sabbath is working six days and resting the 7th. A 
struggle in this world for six days, but an investment day in Christ's 
kingdom on the 7th. The 7th is literally a day of no work, or rest, 
stillness, no struggle against the curse.

The hope of the Christian is to bring rest to the earth by the Gospel. The 
picture we all see in the Bible and readily remember is the "Carest thou not 
that we perish, how canst thou lie asleep?" The winds and the waves nearly 
drowned the disciples and their Lord on this tiny boat out in the Sea of 
Galilee. But Christ rebuked the Disciples and said "Oh ye of little 
faith...and then spoke to the elements and said Peace be still." And as we 
all remember...All things were still....or rested.

This miracle was picture to the disciples and us of the great power first of 
the Lord over nature. But to the Hebrew the unrested sea represented the 
wicked in the earth who rule with their ruthlessness. The prophet Isaiah 
points out "The wicked are like the wrestless sea which kicks up mire and 
dirt." Isaiah 57:20

There is another picture in the Bible that most miss, the Brazen Sea, or the 
Bronze Bowl. The bronze bowl is of significant importance to our world view 
and how Christ will clean up the earth.

First the Bronze bowl was filled with water that was as smooth as glass. It 
was called the sea. (This sea is also significant in Revelation's proper 
interpretation...that for another time). The sea again is representative of 
mankind. Called the Sea of Mankind. Mountains for example are kingdoms in 

The Sea is Calm and rested and the key is the structure beneath the bronze 
sea which will bring rest. More specifically, the oxen under the sea are 
pictorial significance of the world being supported by investment or 
intensive capital tooling, in the four marks of the compass. Christ 
pictured how the rest would come, by His word. His word goes forth and 
sweeps across the nations changing their hearts towards him, their hands 
instead of stealing will invest. This overall picture of Rest is what the 
world will be when the gospel message reaches all people.

Noah, was to antediluvian Prophets the rest that would be brought to the 
world, so that righteousness could once again lay roots and build.

Noah did do a fresh start, which was rest from the wicked and their devices. 
It was short lived however, and it was not until Abraham that we have a 
Covenant being struck with Abraham to have the promised seed which would 
bring relief to the world.

The world has changed significantly since Christ came. Every nation that 
has imbibed and digested the word of Christ and held to His name has been 
changed for the good and cleaned up.

It is an undisputed fact that Christianity has brought relief and 
unbelievable blessing to the world. The Reformation era was a full bloomed 
blossoming of the gospel message that brought in an era of significant jump 
in Theological Thinking, Mathematics, Technology, Industry. At the same 
time, the evils has accelerated to match, but that should be expected when 
something as powerful as Christ shows up to contest the Devil's world.

The age we live in is not rested, and that is the hope of the Sabbath, that 
Christ will bring rest to His people by their obedience to Him and their 
binding of the Devil in the world.

There is much more to be said, Rest is such a significant theological point 
and escatalogical hope that it really is hard to explain it in this short article.

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