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Mark of the Beast 666: What Dalet, Resh and Tav Have in Common?

In the Book of the Revelations we read about a Beast. This beast is Marked with the 666 and has subjects that are marked as well. It says “They have a mark in their forheads.” Those that follow the beast are cursed, however, those that don’t are Christs.

I think we all readily can grasp the concept, the Beast is something that is not to be trifled with, however, what the Beast is, when the Beast is and so forth are all in question.

  • Who is it? 

  • Where is it? 

  • And When is it?

I would submit the Beast is now and that as the Reformers of the Protestant Reformation claimed “There is an Anti-Christ or Beast to every generations Christians.”

But the discussion here is not the Beast so much, but the Mark of the Beast and how it relates to the Hebrew Letters of Dalet, Resh and Tav. (There are others, but I have selected these three because they are much more obvious).

In our Hebrew studies you will discover that Dalet, Resh and Tav seem totally unrelated, or are they?

  • Dalet for example means Door.
  • Resh means front of mans head
  • Tav means covenant

What in the world do these have to do with each other?


In Duet 6, the children of Israel are being admonished by Moses to mark themselves. They are to write the Law of God of the door of their houses, on their wrists, on their feet, on their foreheads. They are to talk of it when lying down, sitting up and so forth. 

So what do we get out of that passage? Oh that’s right, we are all supposed to make little Bibles and wrap them around our heads, and put them on our wrist right? To do so may be pictorial, and may represent a picture which we are trying to honor God, but the picture is much, much, much deeper.

In the Bible the door that was marked with blood during the Passover, meant much more than a door. 

You may be wondering where I am going here?

Well in the Hebrew Alphabet, the letter Dalet looks like a door, means door and to a Hebrew meant Authority. 

For example, to a Hebrew, God speaks of the Elder in the Gates. The gate, or door, is a place that allows in and forbids entry. It also lets out as well. The letting in and letting out concept is regulated by the door, sure, but in reality who opens and closes the door? The elder.

 So in Theological shorthand, or pictograph, when the word Gate or door is referred to it means authority, or elder.

When Samson took away the gates from the city of the Philistines, it was obviously no light matter, but it also was a picture of contest: Elder for Elders. Samson may not have known this was the meaning, but God used it to paint a picture to the Philistines: their authority was being torn from them, their elders were in jeopardy.

Time and again, the word gate refers to Elders, or those who regulate he affairs of civilization and its proper existence.

Okay….but I am not following how the Elder, the Gate and the Mark of the Beast have any correlation?!

Well, lets get back on track here, according to Dueteronomy 6, the gates, the doors of the houses were to be marked. Marked with what? It was to be Marked with the Law of God. But it was deeper than that, because then it starts diving into the very nature of Man. It was to be written on his forhead, his wrists, his mouth….ect…

This leads us into the second letter of interest: Resh. In the Hebrew Alphabet, Resh looked very similar to the letter Dalet accept it had a little curly cue on the upper corner. The Resh looks like a short hand, one stroked door when drawn.

Well actually Resh does not mean door, it means Front of Head. Its spiritual meaning is Highest, foremost. 

Note: as a significant note of interest, the Hebrew letters that pertain to Wrist, mouth, front of head, back of head, teeth, eyes…ect all pertain to the human experience.

 This is without accident and is discussed in greater detail in the Hebrew Alphabet System. 

Listen to the Intro to Hebrew Lessons for more clarity.

Resh is no accident that it looks like a door, because the front of the head is a door to the soul, door to the being of an individual, door to their existence, door to their lives.

This door, lets in and lets out and is to be Marked, as Duet 6 says, by an Ethic which is expressed in the Laws of God. This ethic, or conduct of life, or way of life, is first entered into the soul by hearing, then by digestion. The digestion begets a whole way of thinking that exits the door as a phenomenal life changing way of life.

Okay, that is Resh, but what about Tav….?

Tav actually is a very interesting letter. Hebrew scholars will agree that the old style Hebrew letter was crossed sticks, representing an intersection, or a supporting member. I would submit that as the language matured the letter took on a more significant pictorial representation, probably inspired by Ezra through the Lord God Himself.

The letter Tav looks like a combination of Resh, and a scroll. The main right section of the letter is a Resh, but the left section is a scroll. A combination picture when added together would mean Scroll-Front of Head, or Scroll-Door.


That is right, scroll-door-front-of-head. The actual meaning of the letter Tav means covenant. For example the word for Law in the Bible used Tav, and Resh in its construct. The word for Law would literally mean “Covenant on the Front of the Head”

Sounds like a Dueteronomy 6 Mark doesn’t it? 

Yes it does, in fact to recap, God in the Deuteronomy 6 later in the chapter says “By Gods Name are you to swear, and Him only!” A swearing, or oath, or covenant is a binding contract towards performance.

We all understand the concept of Christ saying “ Let there be Light,” but we may not see the gravity that is bears out. I was not mincing words here; light and gravity are linked, but we do not know how. Gravity, however, it vital to our existence, and God ordained by covenant “let their be…” the existence of light so that all things could exist. The question is why? 

Why should they exist? 

To glorify God, that is why. More importantly to serve Him and obey Him and do what God wants done. That is glorifying God.

So the Mark of the Christian stands In Contrast to the Mark of the Beast in that the Christian is Marked by an Ethic. The letters Dalet, Resh and Tav are only some of the letters of the Hebrew Alphabet, the other letters too have some interesting meanings and they all too, when harnessed properly would Mark a person about what they are.

When you read the section on the Clean and Unclean animals, you will discover that the animal itself was not really the issue, it was the Ethic of the animal that was being pictured. God as Jeremiah states drew on His people with pictures now that the New Covenant was coming, it was to be written in their hearts. Instead of drawing all over the civilization with literal pictures, God would have the ethic Read By ALL men. 

As Paul the apostle states:”You are epistles read by all men.”

The Mark of the Beast simply is a Marking of an Ethic of a people that are contrary to the Law of God. 

The 666 represents a Dalet, a covenant head of a system that is at enmity with the Law of God. (The word oath means 7, so the 666 means a man who will not covenant, or oath with God, he has sworn 3 times (two or three witnesses) to be not complete, therefore he is Marked)

Who that man, or what that system is….is to be discussed another day….. 

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