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Why is Christ an Unclean Lion? 

Dear Hebrew Scholar,
I am trying to find out if a lion is unclean, and I read your article, but I was wondering why the Messiah refers to Himself as the Lion of Judah if predators are meant to be despicable?
Many thanks,
Great question.
Christ is referred to as the Lion of Judah, because he is the King of Kings.  The Lion represents the King of the Animals, even though it is unclean.
The image of the animal is ethic.  In the case of the Lion it is a predator and is not being commended in being eaten but awed.  The civil magistrate bears the sword of the Lord, or the Wrath of God.  The Lion represents the wrath of God in pictoral form.  As Romans 13 calls the civil magistrate a “Minister of Wrath to thee for good.”

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