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Hebrew Alphabet System

 The Hebrew Alphabet system uses a set of memory tools that are built into the language.

The system uses unique memory aids and theology to "lock-in" the Hebrew character to the mind.

This  system uses a full set of flash cards coupled with accessory materials such as songs and supporting materials.

With all these materials a small child can learn the Hebrew Alphabet no problem.  The child will beg to play the games and discuss Hebrew concepts.

Listen to a four year old sing the Hebrew Alphabet Song



There are only a few products on the market which help the memorization of the ancient Hebrew alphabet. Most methods are simply done by rote memorization without any apparent need for understanding the pictograph form of ancient Semitic languages. 

Consequently, ancient Hebrew has been translated into new languages with a modern mindset that’s not always in tune with its original sense of thought. 

What is most helpful about these cards is their meshing between the verbal and the visual elements of ancient Hebrew alphabet. They helped me quickly link, letter by letter, certain original concepts which lie beneath the surface of our modern translations.

Jonathan Sedlak 





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