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Hebrew Word Study: Sabbath: Does It Mean Sleepy  Time Rest?

The Sabbath

The word Sabbath literally means rest, or interruption, cessation, desist.

The interesting thing about the word is that using the Pictograph addition method you get an interesting picture.

First of all, the letter Shin, which means teeth has a point on the upper right hand corner a Chowlem. This point means the opposite, or the emphasis of the letter is opposite what it stands for.

The second letter, used in the Sabbath commandment and in law commentaries in the Bible, has an internal point. The emphasis here is intimate, or deeply internal to the letter.

The three letters added together are as follows:

Shin (Chowlem) = Stop Chewing, stop processing
Beth (Shurwreq ) = House internal
Tav = Covenant

The picture is of cessation of work, inside the house, however, it has a covenant attatched to it. This covenant envelopes or brings further meaning to the cessation of activity. It points toward purpose, that is why the Beth is internally pointed.

The Sabbath does mean rest, but it is far from being just cessation of work. It means that the cessation of work has a picture to it; it points to a rest spoken of in the Law, or the covenant.

That begs the question, what is the “Sabbath Rest” spoken of in the Law?

There are some peculiar places that the word rest is used, for example:

Josh 23:1 And it came to pass a long time after that the LORD had given rest unto Israel from all their enemies round about, that Joshua waxed old and stricken in age. 

The word Rest is used over and over again to mean the enemy has stopped prevailing, that righteousness has reign.

Paul in the Hebrews explains how God says “As if they should enter My Rest.” He was talking about the rebellious children of Israel that would not believe God that he would take care of them, and that he would bring Rest to the land if they would but obey and follow His covenant.

The Sabbath is a promise; a promise of victory for the people of God, victory for righteousness, and most importantly that Christ’s work would triumph in the earth and overcome evil, bringing the Rest to the world.

As Paul says again in Romans, 

Rom 8:22 For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now. 

The world, the creation of God, is waiting for this Rest to come “On Earth.” This rest will come through the faithful obedience of the Church of Christ. The Church will teach the laws of God, which will in turn disciple the nations to operating their civilizations correctly.

The threefold promise of Christ will take full affect: The comforter must come to teach the world about: sin, righteousness and judgment.

  • Sin: The law identifies what sin is.
  • Righteousness: The law identifies where we are deficient and need to get busy building
  • Judgment: The law shows how to act and implement the civilization in the earth.

The threefold picture is a Rest, or a Sabbath. The wicked are overcome, and the righteous prevail.

But only if,  as the word picture shows, we take Gods laws into the house, internalize it and bring a cessation of effort against the magnitude of sin about us prevalent in institutionalized evil.

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