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Hebrew Laminated Cards and Games

The Hebrew cards sold as a PDF download are also available in laminated (plastic covered) form.



Having the cards laminated makes them last indefinitely.  The cards can be handled by children and not abused, which is desirable.  

The "Go-Hebrew" Game

Typically the Hebrew letters can be learned quite quickly by playing "Go- Hebrew".  

  • The way the game is played is that at least two decks are shuffled. 

  • Each player gets three or four cards.  (Up to four players)  The remaining cards are left as a deck of cards.

  • Then the players ask each other if they have the card in question.  (If they do not, then the player being asked says "Go-Hebrew" and the asking player selects the next card from the deck.

  • When the player gets two of the same card he lays it down as a match.

  • Or if the player has two cards that are next to each other in the alphabet, then he has a match.  More matches can be made as the game progresses, so you can have practically the whole alphabet laid out.

  • The one to finish first in matching wins.  The game takes about 10 to 20 minutes depending on the rate of play.

You can purchase two laminated sets of Hebrew Alphabet cards, plus the associated Hebrew System materials for $26.99 which includes shipping and handling.

The Hebrew Alphabet Bundle consists of the following:

  • Two (2) sets of laminated cards

  • The Hebrew System Instructions

  • Hebrew Alphabet Card Games

  • The CD which includes:

  • Hebrew Alphabet Cards in pdf form

  • The Hebrew System Printing Instructions

  • The Hebrew Song




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