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John Owen's Commentaries on the
Hebrew and Greek Texts

The Bible we have in our possession today namely the Textus Receptus and the Masoretic Text have been under great contention to be either false, or full of errors.  

John Owen puts forth a marvelous defense of the Hebrew and Greek Texts, basically pointing out that our Bibles are more than safe.  

He also puts the "nay sayers" of the Masoretic text to rest.  His basic premise is that the Masoretic text is valid, and that the pointing (or vowel system) was inherited and passed down from generations before the Masoretes. 

In fact the contention is that according to Jewish tradition, the points came from Ezra, who was protecting the text from corruption, or degradation. 

Below are the early 1800's scans in pdf form of the chapters that address the various linguistic issues from Owen's 16th volume.  You can download these if you like, or just read them at your leisure. 

Integrity of the Hebrew and Greek Integrity of Hebrew and Greek.pdf
Origin of the Hebrew Points Origin of the Hebrew Points.pdf
Arguments for the Novelty for the Hebrew Points Refuted  Hebrew Points Defended.pdf

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