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Is the Bible Full of Errors?

“I have a friend who was in translation work for about 30 years and tells me now that our English translations of Genesis are not accurate! Another man calling himself a scholar says that the first 10 chapters of Genesis in our English bibles are not correct! Have you ever heard of this? 5,000 years and no on can "get it right?"
Confused, Carolyn “


The cloak that some scholars prefer to hide behind are the supposed “English Translation Errors.”  Using this cloak then they throw out the Bible and go on their merry way proclaiming “another gospel.”
I would agree, I would be confused and frustrated too, if I heard that from a friend.  To quote (paraphrase)  another Hebrew Scholar of Eminent regard and unassailable renown:
“The Old Testament Text has not been proven to be wrong and is not assailable on one point”
In other words, the Old Testament has not been proven wrong by any archeological findings.  In fact it has been bolstered, time and time again by archeologist.  The King List shown in the first 10 chapters of Genesis, proves to be remarkable in its accuracy.
The author of Genesis, as we know is Moses.    Archeological evidence both Egyptian and Underwater Archeological evidence shows that there was a Moses, a mount Sinai, a lost Egyptian Army coralized on the bottom of the Red Sea.
Oh, and I forgot to mention, the global flood.  Yes the global flood, they have found over 1000 cities on the bottom of the ocean.  Now that underwater technology is  advancing, surprise, surprise, cities, ziggurats (pyramids), columns, arches....advanced civilizations, are being discovered.  One in fact right off the coast of Cuba!
As Christians, we should hold fast to the fact, that the God who judged the world in the Old Testament with a flood, with Fire and Brimestone (Sodom and Gommorah, oh and yes they exist too...), 10 plagues, spread the Red Sea and devoured Pharaoh and his host, collapsed the walls of Jericho, caused great armies to vanish (Hezekiah vs. 180,000 Assyrian army), raised the Son of God from the Dead....
The God who judges, would he not be smart enough to preserve His word?  
I would submit, that English translations have difficulties transferring the concepts and pictorial imagery that a Hebrew would recognize.  For example:
  Gen 2:15  And the LORD God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.
The word for keep, if left to English translation would fall on its face, because the word for keep is much stronger.  (Shaw mar)  The word means to hedge about, but more means to be on the “look out.”  Additionally when the word is compared to dress which is more in line with husbandry, why would God say the word twice?  The word here is about governmental protection.  At the outset God is establishing two lines of work, Economic and Societal Protection.
As you can see, that is where I would agree with your Scholar friend.  However, if your Scholar friend is trying to say that the Bible is fraught full of lies which are trying to mislead and misdirect people into false hopes, then I would disagree.
The Christian religion, has proven time and again it’s worth by changing the face of the world as Christ promised. Christ promised that the Darkness would not be able to stand in the face of the Light.  And since the time of Christ, the Darkness has been banished into the wood work.  The influence on our lives is immense.  Our very conduct and the way we talk and think is governed by Christian “values.”
So... to recap, the Bible Translations require careful consideration and cross examination, but we should take hold upon them as the Psalmist says “Thy word is my lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.”  And again “The fear of the Lord is clean, enduring forever, the judgments of the Lord are righteous all together.”
And finally as Paul states is in the New Testament “All things work together for Good to them that are called according to His purpose.”

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